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  1. We need Adi Viveash on stewarding duty!!!
  2. If you want some evidence of how to appropriately apprehend a perpetrator, search for footage of Adi Viveash in today's Cov v WBA game.
  3. Great set of results for us today across the board!
  4. Good performance from both, not sure if Scott is the answer longer term at RWB/without some adaptations to his defensive positioning & play, but an immense talent.
  5. Wowsers, what commitment, and without wanting to go OTT this performance feels like it represents more than just 3pts!!!
  6. After all these years we’ve finally found his position!!!
  7. COD looks ok at LWB not sure about Scott at RWB, particularly defensively.
  8. Bit worried about the lack of an older/experienced head in the middle of the park now JW has gone off.
  9. I think we have a bit of an inferiority complex/paranoia when it comes to pundits, I’m sure they don’t all hate us!!!
  10. Chris Martin beat a defender for pace!!!
  11. Guess we discovered who those who want off the bus are.
  12. I feel like if we can sneak out of relegation this season, then we might actually see some real progress next season. Don't want to be writing off this season as early as November, but the points deductions might have come at just the right time for us. Getting rid of some of the (highly paid) passengers is exactly what is needed. Cov was a real 'downed tools' effort in my opinion (exacerbated by a small & consequently fatigued squad), and we certainly do not have the luxury of being able to turn down points that look as if they might be in the bag. Pre-season, mid-table was a success in my mind, but anything above 22nd is now looking like a 'result', seems as if the rot is incredibly deep set.
  13. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
  14. He comes from a footballing family (his Dad & brother were pros), he didn't play professionally himself. He is a sporting adminstrator. His role is CEO. He will have had dealings with sports agents through a long career in sports administration, he will continue to speak to agents by virtue of being the CEO of a Championship football club.
  15. Why are things never, ever simple at City?!
  16. It's like a revolving door in the middle of the park of late.
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