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  1. Am at their game tonight, v Cov. 0-0 at halftime, they were already wasting a bit of time in the first half. Their right sided centreback (Edwards) looks decent, a real prospect, JCH a slight handful, Norburn (or was it Grant) a real clogger and very lucky not to give away a pen. Sammie S on the bench. 

    Cov will be a stiff test in a few weeks, O’Hare a real gem and Gyokeres looks to offer something at all times. Robins has got them well drilled & well oiled. 

  2. 1 hour ago, TedsHeadIs Red said:

    I’ve tried so hard to give a mature and balanced opinion of Ashton and that he couldn’t be as bad as people on here make him out to be.

    But that video confirms it. The man is an absolute d***head.

    I think, if anything, and if it is actually possible, he is getting worse?! All joking aside, does he need some professional help?!

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  3. Plenty of keepers make a handsome career out of playing a handful of games a season for 10+ years. Seems different to outfield players in the sense that you can gain a sustainable income and succeesive contracts from being specialist backup.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Redtrojan said:

    Joe Burrell would be very comfortable in this England side.

    Sideways and backwards passing was his specialty.

    With the squad we’ve got ,very disappointing negative set up again.

    Probably sneak it 1-0 and everyone will be saying how good a job we did .

    Maybe ,but very boring to watch.


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