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  1. I think everyone has been waiting for the season to end from about 10 games out, and NP appears to be no different. Strange times indeed, but the great big reset button needs pressing, and if not by Nige, then who?! And if not this summer, then when?!
  2. Yeah, absolutely, game of opinions - I went to the same school as him so would love for him to prove me wrong.
  3. In that sense, we are definitely better off, one game closer to a much needed clear-out and broom through the entire playing staff.
  4. This, you can't undo years of poor decision making, as one bloke in a matter of a couple months. If we are getting battered by Millwall this time next year then yes, time to worry and appraise NP in a more robust manner, but right now any substantive criticism seems a little premature.
  5. Could be him + HNM & 9 others come matchday 1 of next season.
  6. Spicy game next for WRDC if it stays that way.
  7. I'd love to agree, but I don't quite see it, sadly.
  8. And big thanks to Rotherham for having such a compacted fixture list that they could never feasibly catch us.
  9. Real x-rated stuff this!!! Gas worthy ️
  10. Presumably they can’t get a player summariser for Robins TV as they are all OOC, and not willing to do it if they aren’t getting renewed
  11. I think we should ban Lansbury from our own penalty area.
  12. What a ball, the fourth man, H!!!
  13. Where was the defence, yet what a regulation handball missed by the ref!
  14. How many minutes before he goes steaming in for a full blooded header, only to end up dizzy & confused flippancy aside, on his day he is as good as anything we have and I hope his injury ravaged days are behind him, go well Bakes.
  15. Excited to see this team, with an early indication of what NP has in mind longer term, now he has a permanent hold on the reins.
  16. I think it's because he talked as if he was in our Top 3 managers of all time, and there was a disconnect between that talk & the reality on the pitch.
  17. I guess it's a bit like being a barrister, ask unpopular questions, don't make many friends, but is what the job demands (not quite a perfect parallel with a journo, but you catch the drift).
  18. Hopefully the end of 'going again', 'looking ourselves in the mirror', and 'puffing out our chests' etc etc.
  19. Thoughts with him, hope he is released soon; I should think watching us play this season is enough to cause a lot of us to be committed.
  20. No mention of Ashton in the statement either.
  21. I don't think it's a hard call for SL, mainly because he has a trackrecord of appointing managers with a lack of pedigree at this level, and if he doesn't find that difficult then I struggle to see why he would find it difficult to appoint one with a track-record at this level...unless, he doesn't want to cede power to that extent, and would prefer to use this awful run of form as a facade.
  22. I thought we had debunked the relegation 'fear' last week, just never going to happen!!!
  23. Not NP's fault that we have assembled an overpaid, overrated, rag bag squad, fit for them up the road.
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