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  1. Well done City, sounds a highly promising midfielder, bags of experience already and still so young. Quality signing. I didn't believe City would spend anything this summer - so good to be proven wrong on that sense. Thanks for signing, Joe!
  2. Credit to you all, this is a quality thread to read with top-class responses. Pleased to see that no one is expecting relegation. An acceptable position has to be the top ten of the Championship - with a push for the play-offs if possible. I'd look further ahead and predict that DH will be sacked next summer if the club finish lower than the top half.
  3. I bet you would've coped just fine - us OTIBBERS would have been on hand as a valuable resource! Might still be time, Dave.
  4. Anyone else reckon this thread title should be changed to the new manager thread - it seems like the new gaffer could still be one of many. Personally, I've always wanted DaveFevs to have a crack at the job. Dave, did you apply?
  5. Wise words, as always, Foggy. I am still concerned that we've took too long filling this crucial position and subsequently lost the benefit of providing the future manager with an abundance of time to fully judge the squad and have valuable input on transfer dealings.
  6. The longer this takes, the more I'm inclined to feel that Hughton may have reservations about the City job. There could be many reasons to explain his reluctance, which we could all probably guess at, so I won't bother to list them; with respect to ourselves, I can't see why it would take City this long to sign CH as the manager - not with his track record and skill set.
  7. Who's to say that any delay isn't solely down to CH, I'd suggest it's more likely he's taking longer to consider working for Bristol City, as opposed to our board questioning the merits of a man who has already promoted two teams from this league. No need to blame the club for this, for all we know they have probably offered him the job weeks ago and are waiting for him to agree. The talk of still interviewing other people is just saving face - so we don't end up looking too embarrassed if CH rejects our offer. Just from gut instinct I wouldn't be surprised if Watford have sounded out his representatives about taking over there - especially if they are relegated.
  8. The poor passing is shocking, and to put it into context I've been out in the street today playing football with my kids and their friends, and some of my passing was truly sublime, finding their feet each and every time. I also had to contend with divots in the concrete, raised kerbs, sloping paths, parked cars etc, and I could still find the kid I was aiming for. Why can't professional players do this on a beautiful football pitch?
  9. I wonder if it will be a question of picking Hughton or Gerrard? Damn that is a tough choice, both for totally different reasons. Hope we can land one of these two managers, either way, it says City mean serious business next season.
  10. No, I'd say finish this season whenever the new term is fit to start, even if that is months down the line. Of course the squads will be different, managers may have changed, but the teams should still finish this league campaign. Hard to really care though isn't it, football is completely irrelevant. I wouldn't be surprised if the game doesn't start again for at least a year, and a lot of teams may not exist come that time.
  11. Starting to think that humanity may never fully recover from this situation. There's too much damage being caused to the world's infrastructure that will only worsen with time and may never be restored. Remember the days when football seemed important? Sorry to sound overly bleak.
  12. What if football and sport doesn't start again this year? How many clubs will fold in that time period? Will they be able to start up again?
  13. Seems to me they should finish the season behind closed doors and broadcast as much as possible on the TV / Internet. Sure it will be surreal for the players involved, but the quality coaches should still be able to motivate the players to perform to the expected standard.
  14. Don't think so, are you panicking over a virus? I don't fear things that may happen, otherwise no one would ever leave their homes. Fact is, people get ill in thousands of situations and people often die - don't know why this is alarming so many people to the extent it is. The media and sporting authorities are making this virus out to be a doomsday scenario - ridiculous.
  15. That figure is miniscule, how many people have died from let's say old age in that time period? Clearly, I don't know the answer, not sure if such a thing is recorded - but it must be far higher.
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