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  1. Well done City, sounds a highly promising midfielder, bags of experience already and still so young. Quality signing. I didn't believe City would spend anything this summer - so good to be proven wrong on that sense. Thanks for signing, Joe!
  2. When are all the fixture due to be released?
  3. What a great thread this, the positive spirit, eh?
  4. Credit to you all, this is a quality thread to read with top-class responses. Pleased to see that no one is expecting relegation. An acceptable position has to be the top ten of the Championship - with a push for the play-offs if possible. I'd look further ahead and predict that DH will be sacked next summer if the club finish lower than the top half.
  5. I hope you all blend well together and help City to continue to develop in the Championship and also help our youth talent develop and push for the first team. I'm excited to see how these three can all work together. Here's looking forwards to the new season under the new managerial / coaching direction. I'm also pleased and satisfied that the ongoing management saga is finally sorted, in plenty of time for pre-season, and the new management team can start making plans for next season. COME ON YOU REDSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
  6. No chance, do you really believe that if everything was normal in the world DH would be the new manager / coach of City? That's utter bollocks if you ask me.
  7. It's not really bollocks though is it, not even close to utter bollocks. It makes complete pragmatic sense - which granted is dull and uninspiring. Being a financial expert doesn't mean you can forecast something that has never happened before with any degree of confidence or expectation of accuracy. I can understand the comments made at the time, and then SL and the board realising over the coming weeks that the landscape had changed massively and the club has had to act accordingly.
  8. So a random person appears overnight on the forum, with a friend who's a former city player, and throws a random name into the mix, and we all believe it? Surely this poster would have reason to be on the forum previously? No offence to the OP, but I don't believe this for one second!
  9. I'm starting this thread as it must be the main reason driving the delay, the problems, and ultimately the reason if Holden is appointed. Of course, this has been mentioned many times by numerous posters, but is quickly overlooked on other threads in the pursuit of outrage. It's such a huge situation with financial ramifications that are almost impossible to predict, that it makes the decision to appoint DH (if this happens) entirely understandable. I feel we need to cut the club some serious sack as Holden may be the ideal man to steer the club through these turbulent, uncertain times - and provided we don't face relegation, we will be free to appoint someone with serious clout or intention once the footballing landscape has returned to normal. This may not be until another 12 months or perhaps much longer, we have no idea. So, just how much is the global virus affecting this decision and how much will it continue to disrupt and transform the game we all love? We can't blame the club or accuse them of a lack of ambition if this managerial appointment acts to ensure the club is stable during the next year or so. This is just my opinion on the matter, how many of you agree?
  10. The time would have come to pick up the phone and dial LJ - fancy your old job back?
  11. I'm confused, what's happening? Will City ever have an official manager again? My new guess is the Tombola has developed A.I and will be picking the team each week.
  12. My random guess is Alan Shearer or Ian Wright (ha) Thinking of footie pundits, Danny Murphy would no doubt make an excellent coach. Arsene Wenger?
  13. Perhaps he was being literal, and the manager is just going to be a breath of fresh air in the dug out and the side of the training pitch. Holden comes along, takes a deep breath and exhales. That's his job done for the day. Instead of dissipating, the exhaled fresh air remains to give tactical guidance and oversee the substitutions. It is unorthodox and quite revolutionary, I'll give SL that much.
  14. Sorry PF, interesting comments and good knowledge, but I would be aghast if SA was appointed in any role at City. With his questionable exit as England manager and the accusations levelled against him, I would also be gobsmacked if SL wanted him involved in the club. I don't believe for one minute that Holden is going to be the next city manager.
  15. This is some sort of nightmare alternative reality.
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