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  1. Fair play, particularly on the impact of the player and their family. I seriously worry about relegation this season.
  2. Unreasonable? Might as well close down OTIB, social media and Bristol Post then!
  3. @Davefevs @Harry if you’re not going to name the player then why bother? You can’t being trying to protect a source as if he’s left, lots of people in and outside the club would know.
  4. Decent effort, although a bit Sunday supplement feel to it along with the old rambling pub man in Ian. feels like there’s too many guests which makes it feel more stifled rather than a conversation/debate. One thing that has been clarified @Lez is no academic!
  5. He used to hit play on a laptop in shitty clubs, yes, but now a bus driver.
  6. @Tim Sstarted the rumour on Facebook. As a bus driver, I’m sure he’s truly in the know...
  7. Holden is on holiday in Kent, so no need to quarantine
  8. Tim Shires said on Facebook he’s heard a rumour that’s it’s Holden as coach and Big Sam as DoF. I assume it’s not true and it’s just Tim trying to stay relevant, but would people accept that?
  9. You can compare Dasilva and Bryan all day long. Dasilva will never score two goals at Wembley to get you promoted.
  10. Imagine publicly calling out your grandfather like that
  11. And Cole Skuse replacing his role as Assistant Head Coach I’m hoping City are using the same trick to flush out a mole, like when that poster over here was convinced we were signing Derek Riordan.
  12. You make me miss @Up the City
  13. If Johnson has that team, he would have sold Murray for not being a ‘busy bee’ and signed Engvall to replace him.
  14. Does it matter who creates the match day thread?
  15. Would prefer Jay Jay Okocha but I’ll settle for the other chap.
  16. I’d be happy with that.
  17. Yep, felt very deliberate towards LJ
  18. Beats two men, twice, gets to to the byline, heading towards the box, cuts back and we lose the ball
  19. No I haven’t. That isn’t how City advertise the product.
  20. It was actually a poor scuffed ball from Weinman but the defender made a mistake.
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