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  1. Time to get Barry Fry to piss on all 4 corner flags to lift the curse.
  2. https://www.firstbus.co.uk/bristol-bath-and-west/plan-journey/sport/bristol-city-football-club
  3. https://news.paddypower.com/football/2021/10/12/breaking-messi-bids-tearful-goodbye-to-psg-ahead-of-newcastle-move-/ Sounds pretty genuine to me...
  4. !james


    Who's biting? They responded with their opinion and experiences about the 'CSF' on a thread about the 'CSF'... not rocket science. The sooner the coked up brain dead thugs are no longer talked about the better
  5. Yes that's my understanding too - hoping he might discuss on the next episode but there were clearly some off the field issues with him when he was here. Thankfully now we seem to be on the way to a more open society where players can discuss things like this but back then, even if it was only 10 years ago, things like depression and anxiety were not associated with footballers
  6. Do we collect these from the main QPR ticket office on South Africa Road? Or is there someone else for away fans to collect?
  7. If I make a late decision and book tickets Friday I assume I just collect them at the ground?
  8. You started a topic about taking the knee and Tom pointed out there's a 47 page topic on it already. Maybe have a read through the forums before posting new stuff
  9. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/hungary-fans-racism-orban-fifa-b1913588.html Good article on this here.
  10. Nope no arrow for me unfortunately!
  11. Yes might have been on here? @TomF
  12. I always think clicking on someone's profile should show you their previous usernames, it does this on other forums I've used in the past.
  13. Trouble with that is they tend to be done either via the club and very watered down and generic towing the line interviews (see the Robins Nest podcast hosted by Downsy which I don't believe lasted very long). Or the one by Gregor and Michelle Owen which wasn't very good at all. Suppose it's how you define professional...
  14. https://youtu.be/teyN32EblIs Was in the Atyeo, still having nightmares. You don't need to be physically fit to catch a ball David.
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