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  1. Oh no you were 'simply asking what would be the response if a footballer came out as openly being a MAP' on a thread about the first openly gay male footballer in 32 years. Then deflect every comment back at you as you still can't see how this isn't a genuine question in an appropriate topic. That's OTIB for you. We won't lose any sleep
  2. I'm not going to guess your age or generation but I suggest you educate yourself.
  3. Don't hide behind that bullshit 'cancel culture' and 'no free speech' crap. You can say exactly what you want but be expected to back it up and explain it. The issue is on you, why does is bother you?
  4. Just as irrelevant as the initial comment, unfortunately they are being provocative for the sake of it. Even a talksport phone in wouldn't sink that low. Shame
  5. Not really as he is still under contract
  6. Depends if the other club in the bag is Zak Vyner...
  7. Who was the last striker we released/sold who everyone said was a mistake? Eisa? McCoulsky?
  8. Promotion extra payment clause in the Kelly deal?!
  9. Baker will retire Klose hopefully will sign new deal Moore & Vyner will leave Kalas will be offered a longer deal on reduced terms, imagine if he isn't interested the club will look to offload Atkinson first choice and I would look to sign one new centre back (Moore from Oxford?) Cundy as back up and Idehen behind him, possibly a loan move if we have enough cover.
  10. !james


    Very confusing... so if you run on the pitch as a kid it turns you into some kind of super fan?
  11. Almost looks a bit like the album Starboy by The Weeknd...
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