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  1. No brainier for me. James. I always like the captain to be in midfield - good position to boss the team. James knows what Nige wants both in terms of effort and tactics. Seems to have a good temperament. I think Kalas is better using a 100% focus on his own game. We saw the benefits of that for him in the Euro’s where he was immense. I thought his performances were diminished last Season when made Captain.
  2. Seriously, life wouldn’t be the same without them entertaining us . They try so hard to be professional and to make a presence in the city …. but are off-the-scale, hilariously, tinpot. Assume the subliminal message for using our Bridge as a backdrop for their ‘models’ is that they will be ‘forever in our shadow’. Pity that there are so few iconic landmarks in their quarter of town now they’ve demolished the Gasworks. Maybe they could use IKEA for next year’s photo shoot. Shocking shirt btw.
  3. Yep. Organised chaos which has taken root for many seasons now. A product of buying players for resale value rather than for building a team. I can’t recall the last time I watched a silky-smooth functioning midfield, let alone an entire team. No cohesion, no partnerships just a rabble of individuals. Pearson, Im sure, recognises the problem and will fix it.
  4. Was in a lot of credit for me. Seems a nice bloke, good ambassador and proved me wrong on several players/formations (not that difficult) plus got us through to a final - all be it at home, with a relatively easy pathway. Last night though proved to me that while he’s pretty decent, he’s not truly in the top echelons of international football management. His inability to adapt during the game, choice of the last 3 penalty takers, just showed a lack of footballing nouse which an experienced winner-of-trophies manager would have. Maybe he has earned sufficient credit to have a pop at the World Cup - but not expecting he’ll deliver that either - after which he needs to be moved on.
  5. When Mount, Sterling disappear and Kane, whose game plan was brilliant in the first 20 minutes is sussed by the Italians, there ain’t a great deal of options for an ‘out ball’. So it proved. It just kept coming back. Southgate should have realised that. He did, but way too late and he kept a totally ineffective Mount on for far too long. Thought Shaw was a revelation in this Tournament and his focus (and goal) last night unbelievable. Pickford, who had the wobbles in the QF and SF was immense too. Playing Rice and Phillips in a two gave us a solid base but massively reliant on Sterling and another ‘magician’ Saka, Grelish, Foden playing out of their skins with real magic, particularly if the wing backs are pegged back. The magic didn’t happen last night and it was a big ask for it to appear consistently over that number of tournament games. Surprisingly, our energy levels were poor last night. Again, something Southgate should have realised and got fresher legs on quicker. Overall, decent effort to get to the final but probably our best chance of winning something blown by poor, slow in-game management. Reminded me of LJ paralysis when it seemed obvious to everyone but the manager that the opposition were going to score and something dramatic needed to change. The difference last night was Mancini’s ‘fleet of foot’ management style.
  6. Better team won. Southgate had the stronger hand after 10 minutes, one goal up and a fresher squad. Continued his negative philosophy, that got us far. …... but fell short against a top team.
  7. Pickford is going to be critical in the early stages of this match. Hopefully,he’ll has his confidence back after a few wobbles in the last couple of matches. If he’s strong. He could give us the platform on which to build.
  8. Well, he’s proved me completely wrong to date. So lets hope he continues to do so. As you say, intriguing. I would have said ‘baffling’ previously.
  9. The most bizarre of the many bizarre signings in the LJ/MA era. It must have been an LJ-inspired one given he had played for him previously. Massive warnings from Norwich fans about him. Paid well over the odds. Went ‘missing’ for months. Out on loan to remotest Aberdeen wasn’t it? Couple of half decent performances in a City shirt (measured against the other rabble LJ/MA brought in) and just disappeared. Another £million flushed down the pan, another story of mis-management.
  10. Watching a functioning, competitive midfield will be novel and, hopefully, enjoyable.
  11. …and priority to those in ICU who he been treating Covid cases.
  12. Looked at that and immediately thought we’d re-signed Liam Walsh and his twin brother.
  13. Do we know what his best position is? After 5 years that would be nice to know. Got by far the best dogs in the video though, so that’s worth another contract extension. Genuinely hoping this season will be his break-through one.
  14. By the looks of things, all of the design budget was used up on the ‘keepers shirts. Nice dogs though. …as long as we don’t follow up with cats next season.
  15. My take was that Kane’s was a penalty. Pretty sure though the ref decided he would give a foul on a Danish player in the lead up. Whether he blew for that before the trip I don’t know. Sterling was interesting. My immediate thought was penalty due to leg contact. Then thought his leg wasn’t touched. Then hip contact. Then probably not. Anyhow, given England have been the victims of diabolical decisions in the past about time we were favoured on a marginal one. Booing the national anthems is counter-productive. Personally would only do it for the Scottish independence one as part of the mutual hatred relationship (bar Scotty and Rangers). Can't believe the most brain-dead of our Neanderthals would use a laser pen at a match. Speculate one of these betting syndicates members.
  16. Jesz. The scoring on the BBC site must have all been done by those north of the border. Mcguire 6.2. What’s that all about? He was immense.
  17. Glad I brought back terracing inside my house for that last 15 minutes. No way could I sit through that.
  18. Way more stressful than watching City this. Didn't think that would be possible.
  19. Whoever is slowly folding up that ‘orride Gas flag behind the presenters left shoulder, bit by bit, deserves MoM already.
  20. Oh er. Hopefully, Big Nige will tell him not to stray beyond the half way line for a while, apart from dead ball situations. Championship has a tendency to slaughter teams when out-of-position centre backs lose the ball.
  21. The opinions of some people on Flint reminds me of views on Peter Crouch. Looks ungainly, but actual is a player. Both were massively underrated in my opinion. If this chap can notch half the goals, win half the defensive headers, spray around half the accurate long passes Flinty did, I’d be happy.
  22. 4-2-4 bloody hell Southgate. One extreme to the other!
  23. Told you Shaw would be more effective playing this way!
  24. Hopefully, we won’t regret being so passive in possession. Wing backs a bit of a worry. Someone needs to tell Shaw that the goal we’re attacking is the opposite to the one he’s playing at, although if no one tells him we change around at half time we should be ok. Walker’s sloppiness - passing and positioning - is going to drop us in it sometime soon. Aside from that unspectacularly solid and we’re winning. Yay.
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