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  1. Tony - you can change a manager but that does not solve the problem that we have 11 first teamers out, including all his left footed players. Those remaining are having to play through fatigue and frequently out of position. A new manager would be faced with the same problems. If we suffer any more injuries, we will soon be down to fielding youth players in this most difficult league. The relegation battle is a threat. I just hope we meet two or three similarly injury hit clubs that enable us to get over the 50 points. We can regroup and refresh the squad over the summer and come again next season. I fear that that is the best we can hope for right now. We are certainly not promotion candidated right now.
  2. I have always thought that clubs sack managers too easily. If they see that the chap has a good plan, then give him time for it to work. Dean obviously has the necessary qualities because the people who know him really well have faith in him. Then you must consider his current list of difficulties. I judge him on what he has in terms of quality - other seem to condemn him because of his injury crisis. Injuries pass - he will be a better manager for all this tough experience. Hold hard I say!
  3. That would be a reasonable assumption if you ignore the fact that he has lost the use of currently 11 first team players, including every left footed player in the club apart from the 18 year old Towler. We play in a league reckoned to be one of the most competitive in the World. We are playing with huge disadvantages at the present time.
  4. I cannot know what Dean is thinking and do not know about the problems he faces with trying to get new and fringe players up to speed and trying to produce performances. We have no width apart from through Hunt - and he seems to be knackered all the time. Just because we are frustrated it does not mean the Dean is not also frustrated.
  5. We HAVE recruited England youth coaches. They are experienced in bringing on young players. At the same time, amid all the injuries, covid, financial constraints and the like - they are under pressure to get results. If we played all young players in this league, we would likely be relegated. There has to be a balance of old and young and that is all thrown out of the window if you lose all your left footers and have to play half the team out of position. Whilst they are struggling with all these difficulties, my solution is to understand their plight and support them. Others on here seem to want to give them a good kicking when they are down. Our higher impact players will return at some stage and after they have been nursed back to full match fitness, we may well see a different type of performance on the pitch.
  6. Dean has been very unfortunate with injuries. Mawson, Baker, Brunt, O'Dowda, Dasilva, Rowe, Pring and currently Nurse. Apart from O'Dowda we did not have a left footed midfield player and maybe Dean thought we needed some experience in the squad to help the youngsters progress. Mariappa was always too short to be a real stopper at centre half and too slow to be a marauding wing back. Obviously not long term - as with Brunt - but plenty of experience. The fact that players are played out of position is clearly due to the fact that he has no left footed players apart from Towler currently available. We don't know how many players are playing with minor injuries and they are really under pressure. Yes I hope for the best but also see that it is hard to add to the squad right now - only out of contracts would help, and we may well be up against the financial restrictions that penalise clubs like ours in the current circumstances of covid and no income from crowds. Plans for future transfer windows must take account of players coming through that the coaches think will succeed. Dean has been fire fighting since he came into the job and has hardly had a good run. The best indication of what he could do, was at the start of the season when he had more senior players available. Maybe a little prayer is not such a bad idea right now.
  7. We are trying to build our own players via the academy and either sell them or embed them into the team. It is not a short term approach and some managers may not wish to operate such a system. When up against clubs with parachute payments, either SL digs even deeper into his pockets or tries to implement the current strategy. We have not done too badly when you consider the quality of some of the relegated teams,
  8. We are all disappointed with the current situation but with the players available we will struggle until we can get some back from injury. Sadly it will the take time to get them up to speed and with so many games back to back, there is always the risk if further injuries if brought on too quickly. I fear that we will have to grit our teeth and go through a few more weeks of sub-standard performances.
  9. I think we would be a great gig for many able managers - but we have Dean and he is facing incredible challenges at the present time. We have not seen the best of him or his team because we have not seen half his team for months. We are clearly constrained by finances but the so are around half of the teams in our league. We do seem to get an awful lot of severe hamstring problems and that might warrant further investigation.
  10. There is nobody else to trust right now. Love the one you're with! Then come up with a plan to restore some of our left footed and pacey players!
  11. Fordy - it may be true! I have been called a miserable bastard. My view is that we need to get through this season, stay up and then regroup in the summer. For me, that is quite optimistic.
  12. We are told that we plan two or three transfer windows in advance, so I hope there is a master plan. We seem to lack pace and penertation and I would like to see these qualities brought into the team. The returns of Sasilva, O'Dowda and Weimann would help. Hunt looks to struggle if he plays consecutive games - but his is a difficult position at his age. I would expect to see a rebuilding in the summer, subject to financial constraints. MA will have plans afoot and is probably lining up the players right now. Time to have faith!
  13. If you include O'Dowda as a potential wing back, we have four more left backs in the squad - all with either long term injuries or back in the next few weeks. Another body has to be paid and maybe the recoveries have not gone as well as hoped - time will tell. As fans, we are likely to be the last to be informed.
  14. Sadly the surgeons knife is less forgiving and time is needed to heal and rehabilitate. Prayer may be all we have right now - so don't knock it!!
  15. Dean's first season has coincided with covid and a massive injury crisis. I am not at all surprised at his current plight but would still like to see him given longer. I could not see a different manager achieving much more in current dire circumstances.
  16. Well there is past precedent for people picking up their beds and walking!
  17. So how would you suggest he deals with the lack of left footed players? Young Towler was up against a £40m player on his debut at the age of 18 and playing out of his normal position.
  18. The injury crisis has been with us for most of the season. I bet dean would love to be able to pick from his full squad. Since Tommy Rowe got injured, there have been no left footed options so several players have to play in unnatural positions. We do not know which players are also carrying knocks and soldiering on for the team. From the position of a fan, the only logical thing to do is to support our club and not kick players and staff when they are down. For the first few matches we were near the top and people were very complimentary. Many now seem like fair weather friends.
  19. He send out teams that are lopsided because there are no left footed players and gaps are filled with very young and inexperienced players, who are not sufficiently protected by the tired and overwhelmed senior players. We have another potential crisis at centre half - do we take ZV from midfield and leave a weakness there? Dean is just having to grind through the games at present. Hopefully we will meet two or three teams that are similarly stricken so that we get the points needed to survive. Returning players will have very little time to get up to speed - very difficult after months on the side lines.
  20. Dean is hardly in a position to have many team choices. He is bereft of left sided players and teams have obviously targeted that weakness. So many of our players are very young and inexperienced and will always struggle against teams like Brentford and Watford, who are able to field close to their strongest sides. Ifeel it is incredibly unfair to judge Dean in the current circumstances, I hope the injury crisis does not get worse because I could not imagine any manager achieving much in current circumstances. I supported Lee and was sad to see him go because I thought he had more to achieve here, Every time we change managers, it causes disruption and expense and we cannot afford either of these luxuries at present.
  21. In fairness, you could also point out that he is currently missing 11 front line pros. Three of his players are coming back from long term injuries and are not up to speed yet and he has 4 virtually untried kids in the squad. That is a total of 18 players of a squad of thirty four - and three of those are goalkeepers. It hardly seems fair to condemn Dean in the current circumstances - especially when the active players are probably knackered with playing so much and may well be carrying various knocks and not playing their best football. I doubt if many managers could weave the current lot of players available into a promotion winning team. If he gets players back, as Tins said in on Saturday, they will need to be nursed back to match fitness and not rushed for fear of causing further injuries. It seems clear that this season has become a bit of a write off and it would be a great achievement if we could end up in mid table and then get all the squad really fit for next season. With our best players available, I feel we are a match for most teams in this league. I suggest that the head coach and team need full support right now and not the regulation baying for blood that seems to be a feature of this forum whenever difficult times come along.
  22. We are not very good with hamstrings!
  23. Dean said it was a tight hamstring.
  24. Fine - we simply disagree. I is allowed. I just believe that Dean would be achieving better results if he had more of his experience pros that he could call on to adopt the kind of playing strategies that would be needed for different teams. So many clubs that chop and change managers every few months end up being unable to sustain the progress that the changes were designed to produce. Hopefully Ashton will be helping Dean over this period because he must be starting to wonder if he has run over a black cat. In adversity I prefer to stick together rather than disrupt everything because we feel disappointed,
  25. I fail to see how baying for blood might help during the current injury crisis,
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