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  1. I think that we are in a pretty dire situation for players right now. It would have been seen as unrealistic by some on here if you had said that all our left footed players would be out with long term injuries. Fate owes us nothing and I will continue to support the club as I have done for well over 50 years. Events beyond our obvious control include injuries, covid and the luck of other teams in avoiding problems and having more luck. I will be glad when the season is over and we can hopefully get along to AG next season. I fully expect that to be in the Championship. Whatever happens I will support the team and the manager of the day. If I don't like it then I will feel honour bound to lump it.
  2. It has bugger all to do with what I would accept. If we lost another dozen players in the next week and had to play the youth team - would you accept that or call for heads to roll?
  3. I would accept whatever is dictated by the points. Sometimes we have luck with things like injuries and sometimes not. We cannot control everything and Dean cannot do much about his star players being unavailable.
  4. Then right now he needs to magic up a number of miracle cures for the stricken squad members. I was a huge fan of both GJ and Cotts but they went the way of all managers eventually. By recruiting rookie managers, we must expect to give them time to learn on the job,
  5. I would hope that he would be given enough time to compete with a much fuller squad and in more normal circumstances. He has a good and experienced crew to help him push on towards better results if he can get some of his key players back on the pitch. I always feel uncomfortable when people on here start braying about sacking everyone as soon as we have a difficult spell irrespective of the reasons. If, heaven forbid, we lost another half a dozen experienced players, would the level of anger rise further and would that be tempered by a degree of understanding from the fans? Nothing about the current situation is ideal and I doubt if changes in management would help very much at this stage - unless they can discover the kinds of players that we need from our reduced squad. Every change of management leads to changes in staff, player and backroom people - the cost can be huge, time is wasted and there is no guarantee of success. I still recall the last time we picked an experienced winning manager in Tony Pulis. How did that end up?
  6. I agree with much of this - but the problem remains that key players are very tired and returning players have to get minutes in order to regain match fitness. All this has to be performed with a residual squad that lacks left footed players and traditional strong players. We look weak and do not currently have the player resources to compete in every match. If players like Bakinson, who is very promising, are overplayed - then there is a risk to their progress. Tired players carrying knocks are more likely to get injuries, as we recently saw with Rowe. Pace and strength are not available in sufficient measure right now.
  7. On paper all teams have the potential to be equal. In reality some have parachute payments, some have defensive problems and other have attacking and midfield issues. Our huge injury list does not allow Dean to play a balanced team on the field and in order to change play and rest players he has to make decisions that he would not normally make if he had a fully fit squad to choose from. If a club lose all its goalkeepers, it is allowed to make forays into the market to remedy the situation - maybe they should allow the same for left sided defenders? It remains to be seen if our problems are simply bad luck or if there is a problem with training or fitness conditioning, but the problems facing Dean are pretty stark and I cannot see any rapid way to improve the situation. Maybe as Williams, Pato and Henri get fitter and start to gel - or maybe George Nurse becomes available. It is a big ask to expect a very young player to change the tide though.
  8. O'Dowda and Weimann would have added to the pace of Dasilva and a fully fit pairing of Williams and Walsh may have added skill and top class passing that would give us the potential to unlock defences. Baker on the left of a back three would give strength and aerial domination against teams like Cardiff and give Mawson the opportunity to be more influential with forays from the back. Other than that, if the squad could be rotated so that the key players are not so knackered, it may well help. I may be wrong, but I do not think that Cardiff had a midweek match this week. If they did - they had an extra day of rest.
  9. I agree about the performances but think this might have more to do with available players than lack of managerial ability. We looked weak against Cardiff and frequently look off the pace against other teams. Maybe if we had some of the injured players back and fit, it might be very different.
  10. Of course you could ad that the squad has suffered injuries to Hunt, Mawson, Paterson, Kalas and Bakinson in addition. This all leaves little room for any players carrying knocks or suffering with lack of form. None of this is ideal in a covid shaped season where we have to play as many as ten games a month. No rest, little recovery and a great deal of fatigue. We have had the loss of maybe 5 players who could play at left back or left wing back - how many squads could cope with this loss?
  11. I agree about the odd selections and substitutions although I would put this down to Dean shuffling his much reduced pack and trying to manage fatigue, minor knocks and crushing the spirits of very young players and those returning from injury, who will struggle to give their best form of they are knackered and dispirited. We will see some very young players blooded before this season is over and i just hope that they do not have the stuffing knocked out of them by the seasoned professionals in this very difficult league. Things may get worse before they get better. There is the possibility of the odd win, but probably not as many as we would normally expect,
  12. Those I can think of are: Dasilva (L), Baker (L), Martin, Walsh, O'Dowda (L) Weimann, Pring (L), Nurse (L), Rowe (L), Adelukan, - and we have the likes of Williams and Sessegnon on the brink of coming back into contention whilst winning back their match fitness. Looking at the official team photos, Morton is on loan and three or four of the other squad members are very young and inexperienced - although they may well grow into excellent players in years to come, could they be expected to cover at left back? Can you come up with and instant fix??
  13. They are drained because they are having to play too many games. Many are probably carrying minor injuries and have no chance of getting rested. Teams will target our weaknesses and we have too many of those at present. Hopefully we will come up against other teams playing scratch matchday squads and we will have sufficient resources to target their weaknesses. Right now, midtable would look like a reasonable outcome for the season.
  14. Dean's options are dictated by the players that he has available. He does not have the luxury of not picking out of form players because he does not currently have many to choose from - and many are kids. Those coming back from long term injuries will need a fair bit of time to get up to speed - and we do not have the time to be too fussy. This puts those players at risk of further injury. It must be a complete nightmare for Dean and Mark Ashton.
  15. I agree with all that but the fact remains that our lopsided injury list, that includes virtually all our left footed players leaves us hopelessly unbalanced. Players are playing far too much football and there is no sign that they can be rested because we do not have the players available. Our fully fit squad would be very competitive - our hugely depleted squad much less so.
  16. It rather reminds me of a chess match where the king is surrounded and only able to make very limited moves - none of which hold out the promise of salvation. All the thinking and reviewing in the world will not fix the injury list. We can and should try to see if there are ways to improve this in future, but nothing will help us in the next few games unless we meet teams that are similarly stricken. It is not like a horse race where there is a degree of science behind the handicapping. We are currently unfairly handicapped against most of our competitors. This may average itself out over time, but right now it is a massive cause for concern. All we can do is to be as supportive as possible because that will help more than getting on the backs of the players and staff.
  17. It is certainly very frustrating for us as fans but must also be very hard for the reduced squad, who have to play more games without a rest - often carrying niggling injuries and abnormal fatigue. Their training is still somewhat restricted and we are missing at least a dozen players, who would expect to be first choice starters or close. I highlighted left back because all are injured and all those who could be reasonably pressed into emergency service are injured. This is a crisis and the pressure will not let up. Other clubs may suffer similarly throughout this season, but our problems are here and now and unlikely to go anytime soon. Everything is being tested to destruction - and much of this pressure is due to issues surrounding the pandemic. We are all on the same time and the staff must be really hoping for support from the fans rather than even more pressure. If the spiral is out of control, it is because we did not have a squad with six or seven left backs - and if we had that luxury, the fans would have been up in arms in criticism. Dean and Mark are is a no win situation right now. And no wins are what we are having to put up with.
  18. This Covid influenced season with our huge injury list is not a very fair backdrop to any balanced judgement of our head coach, CEO, owner, youth policy - or our club in general. Everyone needs to calm down and see how things work out for the rest of the season and if we are actually going to be allowed to attend matches next season that will allow finances to start to be restored. Our problems at left back gives competitors a weakness to exploit and we currently have no realistic answer. There seems to be a curse on our left sided players - but these things will pass in time. They always do. Patience is what we need. Don't make Dean's job more difficult but give him wholehearted support - he needs it through this incredibly difficult passage of time.
  19. Come on guys - make with the positive waves...... he may be out for only a month.
  20. I hope his hamstrings hold out!
  21. Very true, and the covid complications make predictions difficult. I think that we are building for a sustainable future and the number of young players coming through shows how well the plan is working. The choice of DH and the experienced coaches, both specialists at developing young players, shows that everything is "as described on the tin"!
  22. Each club is a very different type of project. Lets hope our man keeps doing his well. At least we now know that he can also win football matches.
  23. It is wonderful to hear the sound of sinners repenting! Oh Ye of little faith! Early days but everything looks pretty good so far.
  24. Mike Gibson was only about 5ft 8in - and he was brilliant!
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