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  1. BITW


    It’s genuinely ******* mental we have a player of his quality and we played him on a the left. Wtf
  2. Do people agree with his assessment that he was at one time the best RB in the championship by a distance? Always loved Orr but there have been some other very decent RBs in the championship over the years.
  3. Listened to Wilbs and Orr podcasts today. Both really really enjoyable
  4. What about Morrell? Older than Walsh and recently signed new deal with us.
  5. Will returning loan players be eligible for us this season?
  6. I don’t think it’s crucial he goes, I just don’t see him taking us any further.
  7. Ok he’s created the most chances in championship this season despite only starting 3 games. But.......
  8. On a similar note FWIW I thought their CB (21) was class today and won most everything! And yes I realise it was the other CB who scored 2.
  9. No idea if true hence “apparently”. Been doing the rounds on WhatsApp.
  10. Gutted to see Pack go especially to them. Better hope these new lads do the business.
  11. I don’t watch much prem footy these days but that was woeful. Bobby must be struggling over there if he can’t get in that side
  12. Take the point there pretty poor game all round. Taylor can feel hard done by to go off over Weimann IMO.
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