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  1. Song for Klose, Living in london since 1982 my youngest child chose Arsenal over City. Taking him to watch Arsenal they had a song for Mertesacker which went We got a big **cking german big **cking German we got a big **cking german. Always made me laugh, we can adopt this for klose.
  2. I would assume there would be an element of insurance claim to assist. We cant wait indefinitely for baker, who has been a good servant to the club or for medical experts to come to their conclusion.
  3. NP really needs to address this asap. The squad has shown they are not up to it defensively. Firstly the question that needs to be asked is will Baker play again. Ideally this needs to be answered before the end of the window. If he not fit to play I would suggest he needs to be paid off, this will free up another wage. We need a championship pedigree defender to play alongside Kalas and this has to be the priority. Previously with either diedhiou or martin starting provided more defensive cover from set pieces. Somenyo or wiemann do not do this. NP as a defender should be all over this
  4. I will be sat in the home end again with my two luton mates, seen us lose twice in recent years, once in an early season cup game when fredericks was playing right back and more recently under LJ when we got bullied off the park. About time I experienced a win even if I will be sat on my hands.
  5. I was at the game, you missed the flare thrown onto the pitch by the palace fans and the two loud pyrotechnics let off by the palace fans.. The media only highlight what they want to highlight.
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