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  1. This squad is absolute dross and all of them need to go, we have so many weak low quality players signed under the Johnson regime it has completely ruined us. This meltdown has been slowly bubbling away for 3 years now it’s an absolute miracle we won’t go down this year as we are the most pathetic team in the league by a country mile
  2. Point taken but in fairness I think he would suit better as we are desperate for some strong physical types across the pitch
  3. Juktiwicz again! A player we could do worse than take a look at when fam packs his bags
  4. Seriously every single player bar bents and massengo please just **** off and don’t come back
  5. I will not miss a single one of these players. Most dislikable squad we have had in some time. Huge rebuild needed
  6. Dear me that is absolute garbage again. Big summer we absolutely have to be ruthless and back NP and get rid of the majority of out of contract players. work rate was there but no quality again at all
  7. We really are one of the most pathetic boring sides in the entire football league. Absolutely clueless and lifeless
  8. This really is laughably poor considering the money spent. Barnsley on a fraction of the cost have a proper footballing team
  9. We urgently need a no nonsense motivator to try and salvage what ever is left of this squad to avoid a relegation dog fight. Fantastic human....sod that I miss the days of “i’m a winner”
  10. Football teams typically follow in the image of the manager. no surprise we are absolutely boring and look way out of our depth as that is an absolute reflection of Holdens situation. I will gladly stick my neck out and say he’ll never manage at this level ever again and we are simply seeing this utter farce play out until the lansdowns finally put us all out of this misery. Lets park the promotion word for a while how about we get someone in who can actually get a side of championship players to shoot on target more than once per game!!
  11. Ignoring the var decision we are once again absolutely abysmal to watch. we are so bloody negative with no attacking purpose at all. we have to be one of the most boring teams to watch in any division
  12. You make a good point actually. We play an awful brand of football and get bullied worst of all worlds which given the money spent is absolutely disgraceful
  13. Until we get someone in to sort out our pathetic attempts at dealing with physical sides we will never get promoted Same thing over and over
  14. This is the same as the last few years playing against direct physical sides. we have no answer to it and looks so weak.
  15. How on earth is this only 1-0. They are playing through us at will. yes they are a good side but we look like a non league side who were playing for a replay in the cup.
  16. We look completely out of our depth. Sides in poor form beating us with minimal effort we seem completely incapable of building an attack
  17. Utterly pathetic. This has been an ongoing trend for years now of playing like kids against the physical sides. We are very much being found out. We needed new ideas with someone to come in with a strong mentality. Never mind we have a nice human who just happens to be cheap compared to an established coach.
  18. We are horrendous to watch. Majority of our possession is just slow near passes between the defenders and a midfielder. wouldn’t it be nice to have some midfielders who can run with the ball and commit players
  19. Much improved second half although the first half was extremely concerning with how easy they got in again and again. I would like to see Nagy and bakinson together regularly as both players ooze class and confidence.
  20. I’ll be impressed if we get in to ht at just one down. so many basic errors and yet again we look to have no real plan. huge improvement needed but I just can’t see it
  21. Why have we signed Mariappa? Taylor Moore’s flaws are now becoming very evident and league 1 appears to be his level. So many heavy touches
  22. I think we are seeing the beginning of a levelling out for us now as we have looked very poor in the last couple of games. The biggest issue is how weak the defensive line looks now and we need to seriously consider looking at the free agent market which is far from ideal.
  23. Is lj still here? This is as boring and amateur as anything he dished up at home in the last 12 months
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