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  1. Yes! I have one, it's packed away somewhere and I can't remember who the maker was, possibly Umbro.
  2. I never stop worrying about them, and next season, Oh dear! And I have just earned 6 badges. What's that all about?
  3. True! I really enjoyed the game, with it's if's, but's and maybe's, that's what the FA Cup is all about and that's what makes it the best cup competition in the World. What other football cup competition, anywhere, can give small and unknown clubs a chance to play and beat some of the best teams in England. It gives them a chance to dream of what could be and even with all the TV hype, it's still a thrilling spectacle and yesterdays game gave all of the thrills, emotions and the heartbreak that this competition can provide every year. Long may it continue and let's hope similar clubs to Leicester City can do the same in the coming years.
  4. Will be listening on Robins audio (RB) but only because they auto renewed the £5 per month from the 3rd. No, seriously I would have paid the £2.50 for the game otherwise, it's the last game of the season and even though it means nothing, got to listen to it, it's habit. Can't see us getting anything today, but hey, who knows, this is City and stranger things have happened. COYR's!
  5. You can't make players who are not up to Championship standard any better!
  6. Ball watching again. letting Millwall pass the ball around at will.
  7. Could you see Fammy having that speed and vision?
  8. Conwayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  9. A certain handball, should have been stopped!
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