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  1. The guy makes all the same buzz words and sounds just like Ashton….smarmy bstard
  2. Friendly with terry? He had his photo taken with him once FFS…..belter
  3. Your opening post bases them being bigger than us on the basis they are getting a 20,000 crowd this Friday apart from being poppycock, I can assure you city will have the higher average attendances over the season. What is factual is that in the world of rugby, the bears are a much bigger club compared to city in the football world but that doesn’t fit your narrative does it
  4. Corner from benarous floated to the edge of the box and janneh volleying it first time with left foot now 4-1…tearing them a new one
  5. You do with the next one!!
  6. Exactly how I see it. Bobby Reid was with us since he was 8 and although he showed flashes in the first team, he was frustratingly inconsistent and was shipped out on loan 5 times. Most fans were calling for him to be shipped out. It was only a change in position that sparked his career when he was around 24. Semenyo is 21 without the additional 10 years of professional coaching Reid had. He may or not make it with us but he does have the raw materials that could make him a hit with the right coaching
  7. It doesn’t have to have links to the black community or be sanctioned by them……. It’s a statement by various ethnicities to fight all forms of discrimination so people can display that in any form they wish.
  8. Just the 11 changes then! Surely a good enough side to beat fgr
  9. “Pearson says…….Gregor is a ****t…….”
  10. We’ll if that’s the case, I can’t see kalas going anywhere
  11. So none of the dozen or so academy players have improved over the past 12 months?
  12. Key events clearly happening off the pitch…..
  13. More like the frigging Krankies! Joey Barton and Martyn Starnes after releasing yesterday’s statement
  14. Fair play to the majority on slagchat who are ripping shreds out of the club for the statement, however, there’s more than enough on there who simply just do not get it…..
  15. But by quoting the bizzare statement, they are attempting to down play the alleged incident. Clearly something went on, someone witnessed someone grabbing the neck and kick to head, someone phoned the police, someone ended up with an injury, Barton has already used ‘alcohol’ and ‘exaggeration’ as an excuse. just because someone hasn’t formally made a claim of assault doesn’t mean it didn’t happen
  16. so the Sun (and all the other media outlets reporting it) were correct then….. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/joe-barton-assault-charge-wife-georgia-kew-bristol-rovers-manager-b947644.html
  17. Are you purposely ignoring every single media outlet, news broadcaster and internet site out there? Are you purposely ignoring the fact he is in court tomorrow charged with assault by beating? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-57960977.amp I’m beginning to think you’re defending the guy
  18. Anyone that is confused, read this. Nothing that you would have received when having the jab will be valid. the only proof of vaccination is setting your record up on the NHS app (not track and trace) and/or applying for a paper confirmation by calling 119 anytime after a week after your second jab. I have done both
  19. so let me get this straight, you would love it tomorrow if it transpires that he beat another woman but not his wife and then sues media outlets? sorry mate, absolute bollocks from you. I suppose you think the Asda Spider-Man is admirable because he assaulted a woman that wasn’t his wife
  20. Completely warped logic. slap your wife about and you’re a milkman, ok to go back to work slap your wife about and you’re a footballer, not ok to go back to work, change your profession and hope somebody gives you a chance domestic abuse is the issue here not what job you do
  21. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/joey-barton-charged-attacking-wife-24611037.amp https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2021/07/25/joey-barton-charged-with-alleged-attack-on-his-wife-14985691/amp/ As well as the Sun, at least two other outlets mention his wife. I have stated ‘alleged’. All other social media will be rife with rumour, conjecture and ‘alleged’ comments. With respect, everyone is jumping the gun at the moment and no doubt all will be revealed tomorrow. if the Mods thought what I stated was libellous, I’m sure they would have deleted it by now
  22. Quite. The usual gas head tactic is to try and deflect anything they do with something we’ve done but looking at their thread, quite rightly, 95% are keeping on point. Disappointing to then come on our forum to see 1/2 trying to compare what is going on over there with the Simpson situation…..any excuse to have a got at our club it seems
  23. Completely different situations. simpson was not a city player when the incident happened, went to court, sentenced, served his ‘sentence’, appears to have turned his life around and several years later signs for city Barton is the incumbent rovers manager, has a court case hanging over him, has a long history of violence, has allegedly attacked his wife and if found guilty should rightly be sacked
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