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Willem II

willem ii

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12 hours ago, Bristol Rob said:

Without Google. Will one the the Willy-fans, tell me who the star player is and how they've done this season?

I have no idea. 

Pre winter break good. Post winter very poor.

Player? When on form Lucas Anderson. Dane on loan from Ajax. Tall, skilful, winger.

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Just randomly wondering how they were getting on this season, and thought I would bump this.

Having stayed up last year through the play offs, seem to be having a much better season. Having played 27 of 36 they seem to be tucked in very safely in mid table (9th).

Anyone still in touch?

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8 hours ago, willem ii said:

We are doing quite good this new year. Start of the season was rough, but now on 9th place. And this place gives right to play offs for Europe League!!! Still a long way to go, but if we manage to succeed, we are hoping for a game in the UK. Together with a lot of BCFC fans to that game..... Whishfull thinking, but why not dreaming of such a nice thing! Still have the Wembley final in my head with a great number of Willem II supporters in London to attend the match and to enjoy the pre party in Crystalls...


Thank you for dropping in, and good to see that the links are still there. Cracking season!

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Bit of a lighthearted one this afternoon from me folks, but just saw Willem II's miss from last week - what an absolute stinker (at 1:05)! 

And on a side note, seems their 3rd kit bears a striking similarity with another that I've seen this season... 


I know that the fans from both us and them have an "understanding", but is there anything more official between the clubs that would explain why they're so similar? 

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These informal club associations have a long history and are mainly founded upon small groups of keen fans from each team linking up.  There have only ever been a small number of Chelsea fans visiting Rangers and vice versa but that makes the link.

90% of fans won't be involved but that doesn't negate the association.

It's also an excuse for trips overseas and a bit of variety. You can't force these things but if the Sweden Bristol City fans mostly supported a particular Swedish team then you would see some City fans visiting to watch.

It's good, all part of life's rich pageant, but it's not compulsory.

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