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Bristol Post Pop Up Adverts

Bat Fastard

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I don't know what y'all feel - but I am heartily fed up with the wretched pop up adverts on the Bristol Post website.  Articles are difficult to read and I end up hating whatever they are advertising - the ads actually would persuade me NOT to buy their bloody products. 

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I really dont understand why these sites continue to do this before i discovered adblocker for chrome and crystal app for safari @redcityman i just didnt use any of these local rag sites but they are all the same ... bombard you with junk your not interested in. I remember a coupleof mnths back @Exiled Robinhad some dialogue with the EP about this but looks like nothing has changed.

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You don't even have to visit the site...

Click Safari > Safari extensions > choose a suitable add-in

Click Chrome > preferences > extensions > choose a suitable add-in

It's probably similar setup on other browsers.

While you can go directly to the site, it is better to enter URLs yourself rather than clicking on other peoples links (there are security reasons for this).

With any browser extension/add-in, you take your chances about what it's doing in the background i.e. you should only go with reputable add-ins rather than ones that look good (some are trojaned)

Personally, I tend to set up add-ins on one browser and do my general browsing from their. I then use another browser for my on-line banking. Not 100% secure but helps reduce the risks of using add-ins.

BTW.... adblock plus works a treat on the post site.

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2 minutes ago, Stoke_Gifford_Red said:

Some sites (I know The Guardian are one) deliberately avoid adverts that are too intrusive as it puts people off visiting the site and just encourages people to download adblocking software. Unfortunately the same progressive thinking hasn't moved as far at The Bristol Post! 

You're talking about the Bristol Post. Progressive probably means some left leaning loony toon to them :blink:

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1 hour ago, Robbored said:

I use an iPad for 90% of my online usage and Apple don't allow Adblock which is a pain but I can't be arsed to boot up my laptop just to read the Post online.

Google adblockplus there is a version for the ipad and iphone and its free

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