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The Leeds United v Bristol City Match Day Thread 32

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10 minutes ago, reformed_red said:

Could it be a 3-5-2?

                 Wright,    Flint,     Mags

Brownhill                                          Bryan

                  Smith,     Pack,      Reid




You'd waste Reid dropping him to left MF. It's been done before and he's anonymous there.

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1 minute ago, Bristol Rob said:

Well I've naused this right up.

Said to Er Indoors that I'd take her big throw to the laudrette and get it washed. Plan being, get it washed, sit in the pub for a couple of hours whilst it dried.

Still a good 20 minutes left of my wash cycle.

That'll teach me for watching Four In A Bed before I headed off.

Didnt they mind you watching?

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I've only been to Elland Rd once for the infamous Nicky Hunt game. Horrible game but a decent weekend out. Credit to those City fans who've made the long journey today. I'm never optimistic when we play them away. I'd take a draw today. 

"Marching on together" is second only to that Irene crap sung by the fewers as the most annoying football chant.

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1 minute ago, JamesBCFC said:

Didnt they mind you watching?

They loved it. Everyone praised Phil for his sausage.

Right. Any domestic people know how long this is going to take, I have the following to go on my wash.

S followed by Rise followed by Spin (which might be different to S, I don't know), followed by an unmarked gap, and the a 0.

Save me.

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