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Queens Park Rangers v Bristol City Match Day 4

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Coach, train. Whatever.  They should be made to rapell from Hueys into the centre circle  whilst 'Ride of the Valkyries' is pumped out of massive speakers.  That would put the fear of god into the opposition.



(Mowing the opposition down during warmup from the helicopters might not hurt our chances elither)

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2 hours ago, Super said:

Talksport saying Mcclaren could be sacked if they lose tonight, He is lucky they are playing us.

Both sets of fans could be singing "you'll be sacked in the morning".

Also both sets of fans  could be singing it about their own manager/head coach! 

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1 hour ago, ... said:

I, for one, CANNOT see anything other than a first class display from Lee Johnson's BCFC team tonight.

QPR are not prepared for the cider-whirlwind that is about to hit West London.

Really embarrassing for QPR, but I am predicting a cricket score, lads.

Here we go:

QPR 1 - City 7.

All you Lee-knockers will be eating your words of late.

City 5-0 up at HT. Second string to play out the second half, with the R's getting a lucky late goal in injury time.

"Well done Lee".


Ah, but you are not allowing for the fact that 5-0 would be a very dangerous scoreline for us!

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