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42 years today

Ska Junkie

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2 minutes ago, Ska Junkie said:

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this.

THAT night at Highfield Rd. 

Imagine it happening nowadays and the uproar there would be?

I was only 9 but will never, ever forget it.

I was at Barton Camp, one of the teachers informed us of the result. Scenes I can assure you.

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What a day. What a night. 

21 year old me drove my mates to Coventry in my Ford Cortina very early on a lovely sunny day along the Fosseway where we stopped for a while to watch the Red Arrows practicing. It must have been a sign  

The match was the most bizarre and brilliant I’ve ever witnessed. The atmosphere in the stadium was unbelievable. We’ve probably only ever taken more travelling supporters to a Wembley final?

Afterwards we fell into a pub where we were bought beer by Coventry supporters until closing. 

Back then the drink driving laws were very lax and hardly ever enforced. I’m not at all proud to say that I drove back well under the influence. Home about 3am; up for work at 7am; in a dream all day!

Sunderland supporters still hate us today as a consequence!

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In college , and had booked the late coach from Ashton Gate so I could leave after break. Told the lecturer I had dentist, he said , "I know you don't you're off to football and I'd have to come back after" told him in no uncertain terms he wouldn't see me later !

Anyway, got there just as they kicked off, and we weren't the last to arrive by some way , and that was why the KO was delayed. Ran to the ground and we pilled into the open end , there was City everywhere, half their end was City. Mental game and ended up jumping up and down hugging the nearest person next to you when we equalised. The motorway was like a carpark back to Bristol, seem to remember as we got on the M'way near Cov, a few lads with a massive City flag ran across the slip road. 
For context, I'm sure with a draw we would have stayed up whatever the result between Sun'land and Everton, pretty sure Cov needed the other result.

Yep, just checked and we finished above Cov so we would have stayed up anyway.

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I was 14 and playing bar football at my house with 3 school mates. 2 were Liverpool fans, and we had gone to see City beat Liverpool at a packed AG 3 days earlier ( I had agreed to go in the Open End with the Liverpool fans) and one was a Leeds fan. When reports came in from RB that City were 2-0 down they all started laughing and singing 'Going down, going down, going down'. This erked me and my usual sunny demeanour abandoned me. I called them cretins and said that didn't they realize that if City went down they wouldn't be able to see their beloved Liverpool and Leeds anymore so conveniently in Bristol. They looked at each other, something seemed to twig with them at the same moment and they quickly switched allegiance and wanted City to get back into the game.

I remember the final score 2-2, the attendance at Highfield Road, Sunderland's 2-0 defeat at Goodison Park etc, but I cannot for the life of me remember who won the bar football that night.

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My dear old dad worked in Coventry before settling in Bristol so I had a day off school (yes, headmaster, my son is ill today, honest) and we travelled up to Coventry early that morning. Dad visited some of his old stamping grounds before we made our way to Highfield Rd.

I remember the huge swathes of people everywhere (my first evening away game) but thought City took over every ground like we did that night (it certainly felt like it anyway) . Guess who we ended up standing next to? My poxy headmaster who shot off early to go to the game! :doh:

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