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SIGNED: Pedro Pereira - Season long loan with purchase option

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12 minutes ago, BobBobSuperBob said:

You could swoop into second place ranking of ITKs , french, if this goes through


( Extra bonus point for KITR appearing to have no inkling )

Hahaha, can't knock "hello Dave's" mate, although he did!

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6 minutes ago, Monkeh said:

We’ve been tracking him for 6 months 

Some fans seem to think Ashton has been on holiday all summer and started looking for players last week. Apparently the transfer window would be a doddle if they did the job.

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1 minute ago, BobBobSuperBob said:

Aug     We sign a batch of Europeans 


What's interesting is that during the Tampa training session LJ remarked to the watching fans that did not have too many foreign (ie non-British/Irish) players. He spoke positively about that cultural homogeneity in the dressing room saying that it helps with the camaraderie. Not his exact words but that's what he seemed to be alluding to.

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I love these out of nowhere, never heard of him deals we do. Our scouting network and analysts are doing a first rate job.

Two things about the lad that immediately spring to mind; he’s Benfica owned, so must have some qualities worth having (like Massengo/Monaco) and he’s got Serie A experience, a league where defending is life, as said by others.


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20 minutes ago, pigeon said:

I've spent all day on the Nketiah thread... Jumped into this without reading it all and made a poor assumption, looks like a tidy bit of business.

Looks very good, both defensively and attacking, also got a few tricks so could be a bit of a crowd pleaser

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