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Fulham away match day thread

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5 minutes ago, sinenomine said:

Pushed, wasn't he?

It;'s called having a physical presence?   Vyner was like a wet rag doll, whereas the scorer of the goal was more akin to a muscular "jack in the box"...Ha!  There was NO foul............just weak pheckin' defending

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1 minute ago, dREDful said:

Vyner again, so weak on the line. 

Being honest, I think Kalas did about as well as Vyner did for the first, and was fouled to the same extent Vyner was for the first.

Vyner didn't do too well there but I do think the fact that multiple posters (not just you) are blaming Vyner and not Kalas reflects that academy players are judged to a slightly harsher standard. That goal is on Kalas just as much as it is on Zak. Both need to do better. 

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