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Some One's Just Put The Kiss Of Death........

Kingswood Village

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On Hull :city:

Just read this on their message board:

Like I said, this could come back to bite me on the arse, but I really think Bristol are going to bottle this. It's a massive game and I think they're going to **** out, while our old and experienced heads (Deano, Nicky, Browny and Ash) are going to lead us to victory.

I think I'm going to cry.

I don't think they understand the belief and togetherness we have here.


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That's what just about everyone outside this club has been saying all season about us.

Some people never learn and just keep on setting themselves up for a fall.

Music to our ears :D

Exactly what I was thinking!

I am a supersticious bugger at the best of times, and I understand fans that have confidence in their team - but comments like these reallly do come back and bit you on the arse eventually!


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What they forget is that this season we our expectation was was 21st place. There is no expectancy on the team to win the game all we ask for is a commited performance by 11 players all playing for pride of the shirt. In my opinion that will take alot of the pressure of us.

Another thing is that all our players have a point to prove having never made it to the Prem. Nobes and Basso want to show wenger he was wrong

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