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Johnson Knows His Team


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Just read this on the official website and whilst sifting through the usual waffle I found this quote intriguing.

GJ: "They're the 16 who have really played the most amount of games throughout the season and whether somebody is in the team or on the bench - whoever it is - they will be supporting the team as a whole."

Presumably that means that changes are afoot from the side that did superbly well in the games against Palace, most notably Lee Johnson returning to the side at the expense of Carle.

I know we missed LJ when he got injured but also think we were lucky enough to stumble across a winning formula that gets the best out of Noble, Carle and Trundle. That didn't involve LJ.

If we've got a clean bill of health, we have to go into this unchanged. That's the team that's in form and should be preserved at all costs. Pray to God I'm reading too much into his comments as I think that could be disasterous. :(

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Carle will be playing - no problem about that. Not picking Carle would be on a par with the decision made by Danny Wilson to leave Leroy Lita out of the 16 a few years back. I would credit GJ with far more intelligence than to do something so daft, controversial and, to be honest, unecessary.

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This is how the team would look if he was picked on appreances.


Orr Carey Fontaine McAllister

Sproule Johnson Elliot Mcindoe

Trundle Byfield







Gary Johnson doesnt change a winning side....

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I suspect he's trying to get Phil Brown guessing on wether he'd actually pick LJ just because he'd feel he'd have to.

LJ will be on the bench and should be, I think he's been brilliant this season but Carle is on fire and is just etching to score!

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