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Gascoigne Rush Of Blood Syndrome


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Remember it? 1991 Tottenham vs Forest..Gascoigne tight as a coiled spring...17 mins in..for once the blood gets past Gascoignes groin....catches Gary Charles somewhere between the knee and soft squidgy bits..cheerio, cheerio... :crying:

Don't think any of our lads are going to be quite that pumped are they? Anyone GJ is going to have a special word with to calm them down? Marv and NC come to mind, and Bradders / JMcA can be tempted into a lunge or two. Maybe we could tempt Dean Lardass into a reaction - perhaps tell him that B&Q are stopping the 10% extra discount on a Wed, or that pies are the devils work?

U reds!! :englandsmile4wf:

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