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Good Luck Everyone


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Had to book day off work tomorrow (Friday) can't concentrate anymore (and i'm 46 for christ sake)

Not back on line until Tuesday so just wanted to wish everyone a great day out on Saturday and remember you are representing the best City in the country so show all the good things about Bristol (or Bristols!) :city:

Respect is a key word for Saturday so show a little where it is required

See you all at the Green man or wherever redz may roam

Cant stop thinking that the next time I read this forum I could be a "Premier League season ticket holder" :fingerscrossed:

sounds good don't it :innocent06:

Come on GJ and the lads - I know you wont let us down like others have in the past

Remember never say die and always believe

And as for all our supporters - Keep up all the hard work we have all put in over the last couple of years and I am convinced I will see you all in the prem next Tuesday :yahoo:



Manouveres Organiser

Chepstow division

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