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Treat The Railway Staff With Respect

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Treat the railway staff with respect

Most of them are Bristol City followers and would love to have attended the game

A reminder that trains leaving Paddington AFTER the game will be designated dry

So no booze is allowed to be brought on the train

and no booze will be sold on the trains leaving paddington

All railway premises and trains are now designated non smoking areas

Please turn up in plenty of time for your booked departure

If you have a reserved seat on a particular train YOU will be allowed to

access the station, please have your reservation card and details with you

On your way up to london, Wembley can be seen from the train

Look out for southall station approx ten minutes from paddington

left hand side in direction of travel

look out for the big Sky blue tower and red brick Water tower Wembley can be seen

every now and then until you get to Acton main line

You won't be able to see Wembley until your nearly at Wembley itself

Underground, if you have not bought your through tickets to wembley

purchase a travel card to Wembley central this will avoid the Hull fans using

the Kings cross to Marylebone section of the underground network

please use the Bakerloo line that's the BROWN line

On arrival at Paddington if you already have through tickets to wembley

make your way over to platforms 10,11,12 Its easier to gain access

and avoids the queues at the bottom of the steps where you gain access to the Underground

If you need any further info about Trains/tubes travel

I'll do my best to answer your questions

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about the tube there are two options from paddington ~

~ bakerloo line straight to wembley central ~ bit of a walk but direct

~ circle or bakerloo line to baker street, then metropolitan line to wembley park ~ short walk, leads straight out onto wembley way

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