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Massive Game!

Pack’s Chin

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FA Cup Final Winners Prize Money - 1 Million

UEFA Cup Final Winners Prize Money - Approx 2.5 Million

Champions league FinalPrize Money - Approx 7 Million


sums up the importance of this game!


ALWAYS BELIEVE!!! :winner_third_h4h:

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Is that actually true? I don't believe the prize money for the PO final is actually 60m, that number is bandied about to cover TV money from next year etc and the TV money for being in the CL next year is also very high compared to not being in it (which winning it could be the deciding factor in a la Liverpool).

It' irrelevant, because this is THE biggest game in my lifetime of any competitions, I'm just doubting that you are comparing apples with apples.

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Guest MaloneFM

Andrew....relax you'll strain something.

£60 million is not the prize money. Its the factors such as television, sponsorship deals and tickets sales. At full time if it all goes well no one is going to say 'well done Mr Lansdown here's your cheque.'

According to Patricia Brown, Customer Services from The Football League this seasons prize money was divvied up as follows:

West Brom £50,000

Joke £25,000

So for winning on saturday we would be lucky to top £20,000 in actual prize money.

Thanks for your question. Bring back 'ask uncle Roger'.

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