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The Traditional Flag On Stick

Percy Parrot

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Posted this the other day but no reply- are City selling the traditional flag on a stick from the clubshop or will any official ones be available on the day?

It's traditional to buy one for such a game surely? Would rather buy from club

Nothing in the shop, i always buy one to hang on the boys bedroom wall.

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Mrs F went to the shop today and they did not have a great deal. Flag wise there is a seller outside the shop who she bought 2 from. She also bought a sponge City finger from inside the shop and 2 new shirts.

Silly moo was only meant to get 'Wembley 08' on the back of the boys shirt for saturday!!!! Could not get is done so bought all the other stuff instead.

Moral of the story ...don't let your Mrs loose in the club shop with your card. Although I have a great idea for what to do with the sponge finger! :icecream:

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The flag seller has been outside Ashton Gate by Hirerite all week. The lady there is doing an amazing trade. I cannot understand why the club didn't get more flags in.


Apart from Tuesday when i went down :(

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