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Travel To Ashton Gate


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I live in Wales and there appears to be plenty of cheap trains to Temple Meads (£11.50 return) - with the cost of the Bridge and Petrol - I thought I might try taking the train.

I have always got to AG by car (Clevedon when I lived there and Wales for the past 20 years), so when I arrive at Temple Meds how do I get to AG?

Bus Taxi or Walk or is there a nearer train station?

How long will it take for each of the options on match day?


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Go out of temple meads, turn right, get to the big roundabout and take a left. Up the hill, right at the next roundabout, I think. May need someone to double check!!

Walking distance is about 30-40 minutes, so not too bad

I presume there are buses, but I have never got one to the ground from TM.

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As you come down from the station cross the road walk towards a big glass building called temple point then turn right. Follow that road all the way around past The Bell towards the main road.

From there you should see a bus stop on your left you can catch the 24/77/76/75 which all stop about 5 minutes up the road.

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