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The Ticket Saga


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Now that it's pretty much all done and dusted save a few last minute scrambles a little time to reflect. Following several angry threads on how tickets were released and who's to blame, anyone else think that maybe by freeing up 2000 then 1000 over the week this helped give the touts little or no major control of the prices as they were still accessible. Obviously with a bit of help at spotting the unscrupulous early :innocent06: the various advertising sites did their bit well in removing offenders. Hopefully all got their tickets, hardly anyone got ripped off apart from the poor lad on bbc tonight interveiwed on the pitch said he got hig ticket on the internet for £150 live on telly mind.......bbc looking into it and maybe the club?? anyhoo, tomorrow is the biggest day so let's just enjoy and spur the team to the glory of the prem!!!

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