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Keep Believing


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Let's hear no calls of get rid of him or whoever, let's be proud of the facts that when we went up last season anywhere so long as not back down was a result, so to go out in a play off final in a game where in all honesty 1 and only 1 chance was converted by either side was the clincher. Had it been 4 then yes bitterish chants but we played well but couldn't finish. It is apparent that we need need 2 or 3 quality scorers so if lansdown offered up 30 mil if we went up then please give gary 5 just to get the goals. defense, basso and midfield awesome this year. it's the goal difference that cost so let's go next season possitive, and if that means changing the strike force, so be it cause we can improve and the fans will still believe!! always believe

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