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R****s Stickers And Banners


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First of all great day(apart from the result), and I would like to apologise to anyone in my block who had to put up with my drunken yelling about how I hate gravy, coal and anyything northern in general :disapointed2se::innocent06:

But arriving at wembley at 10am and walking down wembley way I saw a load of stickers saying come on Hull with the scummers badge on it. This just after my brother was talking about how he had done a presentation at uni and used the gas and us as a metaphor for penis envy! Needless to say I took great delight in ripping them down with some help from my brother onnly to be whisked away for an interview on talk sport!!

Just wondering if anyone else saw these or we managed to get all of them, along with some gas fools holding banners which I couldn't quite read on the M4 on the way back.

Serious bunch of prats I say

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Bunch of sad knobheads.

Closest they'll ever get to the CCC play off final is watching their neighbours in it on TV.

Bear this in mind, they are a lower end Division 3 club with a small following. They almost went back down to the basement this season.

Then think where we are.

Puts it all in perspective.

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