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Reflections: Strikers And Support


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I really enjoyed yesterday bar the result. I went with no expectations (this is Bristol City and my expectations have all too often been dashed!)

Our lack of quality 'finisher' strikers has bitten us at the final hurdle. I asked the question way back in the season: Can Johnson spot a striker. Up to the present he can't. This is his biggest challenge post season. A decent striker would have won us auto promotion FACT

On the support issues raised from yesterday, it did strike me that Wembley is probably a very hard venue in which to raise and sustain a decent sound. As we sang one song in our part of the ground, another cluster of singers were singing something else in another. Sustained co-ordinated singing will always be a challenge at Wembley.

I thought the stadium was jaw dropping: well worth the admission charge.

I've had enough of Pray Offs: Gary, please sign decent quick strikers and save us the agony!

I'm relieved the season is over: off to enjoy the summer

Best wishes to you all


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