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Limos Yesterday

mark whitehouse

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16 of us went in a white stretch Hummer from clevedon £65 each. the day started off great all met at 830am to leave at 9am. A local pub allowed us to wait and have a drink inside, then the dreaded news Limo was stuck on M5 southbound in traffic 25 miles away at 9am. Starting to get worried now, oh well more drink....

10am arrived and off we set, Wurzels blaring more drink then obviusly the posing stops at the services, oh i mean toilet stops....., then more drink more music and videos and the infamous hard shoulder toilet breaks just like 1986.....

The sight of grown women squatting down a peeing was hillarious..

Next up more posing through the skylights, then thump. The Hummer sped up and the skylight flew back and smashed the back of my head.. a little dazed i sat back down in my seat no one on the limo had seen it happen i think... Just a bump and headache which dissapeared after more drink, but strangely enough came back about 830am this morning.

Next my best friend put his head out skylight about hour later but he wasnt so lucky I forgot to warn him, same happened to him but it flew back and split the bridge of his nose open, stitches really needed but hey we were not missing this game...... Blood pouring everywhere....

Ok the game didnt work out for us but we did have a brilliant day out... The journey home started off dull for about 10 mins quiet and subdued but then someone cracked open Champagne and put on the Wurzels again and we partied all the way home... couple more toilets stops where we saw about 4 limos in Leigh Delamare and Gareth Chilcott , then home to little old Clevedon to be told by our Gashead friends things we just didnt want to hear..

They didnt say much to us after a few sharp words to them.....

Any stories from others in limos and how much you paid etc.......

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