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New Future For Bristol City?


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We did our best but our luck deserted us with McCoomb illness and Bradley's injury. So getting as far in the Championship league as 90 minutes away was in some way a reward for the team and supporters with a lot of money still coming into the club.

So what to the future and this ZERO GOAL DIFFERENCE AROUND OUR NECK? Certainly we must have new striking faces as we have tried too long for the best part of last season to correct this with present staff and we took THE GREATEST CHANCE hoping that this has faded but it came back to bite us so we must not carry it on NEXT SEASON.

Our Goalkeeper, defence and midfield can carry the Championship next season but I would like to see TWO NEW STRIKERS that basically score goals from any situation.

Hope you get better soon Bradley and all of you have a good holiday and we look forward to GJ and our Chairmen having new faces in BEFORE THE START OF THE SEASON and not later like last year.

Bristol City's name has had more mention and media because of your efforts this year and we loved it so let us make the coming season a winning year!


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