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okay we're all gutted and I don't think the fans could have done any more this season to support a great manager and a set of players that were a true team but didn't quite have it.

(Remember the Sharp goal two seasons ago that was the only difference between us and S****horpe)

Steve Lansdown has also been great this season in many respects and I am impressed that he has shown true emotion at Wembley. He is a great bloke and is City. Now he has to fully apply all his business acumen at Bristol City and sweep away all the obstacles represented by the administration and executive at our club.

Its time that the club showed initiative about improving Bristol City radically. The fans are doing it, the fans believe, now the club organisation has to catch up and overtake the fans with a determination to take us where we belong. (The second City for centuries and still the sixth)

The stadium is a great rallying point and a chance to sweep away the mediocrity off the field.


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