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A Crucial Summer For Us All

Percy Parrot

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Having had time to reflect on the Saturday, the season etc. it would seem that we still have a fantastic opportunity here.

True enough this season has been fantastic and we have been punching above our weight. We've been fighting against and beating far bigger clubs than ours. But our work ethic, fitness and belief has enabled us to be successful.

But while some people may be looking at our missed chance I just don't see that. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for better things - to strengthen the team, build the fan-base and build ourselves up so that we BECOME one of those big boys.

True enough our stadium isn't as big as the Sheffields, Norwich, Wolves, Reading etc. but it sounds as though we'll have better than any of them within 4 or so years.

So let's start building for it. Let's start turning ourselves from a small fish punching above its weight in to a big fish who will consider 4th in the Championship an average to poor season.

Let's compare ourselves now to this time last season. The stadium stays the same but...

we have a far stronger side (McIndoe, Elliot, Carle, Adebola, Trundle etc. have all been major additions)

we should have more money (successful season)

we will improve yet further this summer

we have more status to attract good players

we are in a far better position to earn better sponsorship/corporate money

we still have GJ

we will probably have 3,000 or so more season ticket holders

we have a "record sponsorship deal"

Now with a few additional good signings this summer which I have no doubt GJ will provide I believe the squad and team will both improve. This in turn will hopefully get people's spirits back up and more season tickets will be sold. Hopefully some of those "day trippers" will come back to AG next season and start to boost our fanbase yet further.

I don't see any reason why we can't mix it with the same teams as we did this season but be even better. Of course a lot of large challenges ahead - we can't afford to stay still. But no reason why we have to. If we can get Ashton Gate packed every week and make this club something that everyone wants to be a part of then we're as big and as strong as anyone else in this division and well equipped for when the new stadium arrives.

Always Believe!

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This is how I viewed it to with hindsight it would have been amazing to go up this season but as gutting as it was/is I can wait another year or so to see that.

I really hope the whole team can push on this season and with Elliot, McIndoe, Orr, Carey, a Fit Lee Trundle and Nick Carle in the team with a few good additions I see no reason why we cant.

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