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John Oster


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This link has been made for about the last 4 seasons in a row! Someone always suggest John Oster becasue he is always avaialble or "unhappy" where he is. I'm not saying he'd be a bad singing but just makes me laugh how we're linked with him every trasnfer window!

Sorry must of missed that, but just thought now he hasn't got a club hes surely with a look, especially if we got big del boy up there still, hes got great delivery.

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Not a bad shout. A very tidy player - but obviously a risk with his injury track record. But nonetheless, I'm going to say Ivan Sproule will come good (in terms of consistency) next year.

I totally agree, I like Sproule I think he was very mis-understood by some fans, I think he still has a big part to play next year.

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