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woefull first half, improved secound but a banana skin avoided and thats what its all about.

both of there goals were met with laughter by city fans, i think we can blame coles and phillips for the goals, phillips should realy have caught both but didnt, if coles was being watched by any scouts today then we can saftly say he will finish the season with city, he improved noend in the secound half has did most of citys team, big kev showed up in the right place twice after they took a shock lead, i realy thought we were going to win by 7 or 8 but never mind.

the ground was not the best but pretty well organised, a muddy bank on 3 sides and the 1 stand with a bit of terracing at either end, were there any pluses today, mmmmm hill i thought played well, wilks was the pick of the goals, he bursed passed the centre half with the ale gutt and unleashed a good shot into the far corner, there oggy was pretty good too, the ginger fat blokes finish was spot on, mathews looked good when he came on but at the end of the day they are a unibond team and looked like one.

phillips...4 can do better with hanging crosses

woody.. gave us good width

hill.. quality defending and got foreward

coles..just one of the rare bad 1st halfs and solid 2nd

butler..solid and didnt think he was franco baresi for a change

amankwa.. 2 goals, allways attacking threat

burnell...pretty solid game

a.brown..o.k, lost is wragg with pcock and allways looking for the ball

wilks... good goal got foreward to support quick and looks 100 times better in the middle

pcock...huffed and puffed but never looked like scoreing

robo...looked like the one player who would tear them apart but his one great chance when he could of scored he headed down to burnell and amakwah cleared it for them(bizzare moment)

clist,lita only on for a couple of mins

mathews.. bit of luck with his goal but looked pretty good all the same, i though it was the semi final the way he celebrated

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Gotta agree with most of that leadman. Matty Hill my man of the match with Woody, Kev, Joe and Luke having good games also. Phillips still doesn't fill me with confidence - he should have sweeped up for the second goal whilst Colesy had a mare first half, looked like he had his mind elsewhere, but did better second half. Aaron Brown has got so much talent but doesn't use it enough for me - he should have been running more at there defence (Nice airshot at goal!).

What I was most frustrated about was Wilson giving Clist and Lita about 2 minutes each. How can you expect these players to do anything in that space of time - it zaps their confidence when they get their first touch and then the game's over, they should of had at least 20 mins each.

It was a good day overall though, with fat ginger bloke scoring a cracker, the dancing linesman and the sad BPA fan losing his hat. Altogether now - aahhhh (poor northener!) :how funny:

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