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But at least it's at home and gives us a realistic chance of getting to Round 3 where the money could be. A pity Rovers got knocked out - I'd like to have drawn them and given them a beating!

I went to watch them play Bournemouth yesterday and they were woeful. Bournemouth didn't play well at all but Rovers were just hopeless. For all their build-up play they didn't have any sort of cutting edge. Haldane was an absolute joke while Rammell missed an open goal from 3 yards out!

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How can you not be excited about being drawn against BARNSLEY?


What an incredible draw.

Personally I will be first in the que for tickets because there is no way I want to miss this match!

Rick, absoulutly woeful. Serious, that post was abysmal, at least if your going to be sarcastic make me chuckle, that was painful.

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It's the best draw you can hope for in the second round really, all you want is a home tie.

You can't really win, you either get a descent second division side, an average second division side who will be up for it to try to make some money, a third division side who will be well up for it, especially if they beat a higher sde in the first, or a non league side who will be up for it especially if they have beaten a better side. I'm just glad we didn't get Yeovil away, as they looked very useful against Wrexham.

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