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Who would have thought more than a month on and still some people or maybe just me are getting trouble with Ticketmaster.

I had better tell the story from the start -

As some of you know I had problems getting my hands on my Ticket for the Semi final second leg, I got mine ok but My Dads ticket seemed to get locked on the online section and after a hour on the phone to ticketmaster and then a 10 minute call with City I got my hand on the ticket by giving the ticket office my details and they posted it out to me fine I thought.

However my sister got a call today saying that Ticketmaster had tried to take the £23 out of my account and my card had been declined (Skint until pay day) - Confused when I got home I checked my unopened bank statement (usually just put them away as I know my outgoings anyway) and saw they had only charged me for one ticket! So now they were trying to charge me for a second ticket over a month since I got it.

Now why has it taken ticketmaster so long to take the money out and as a result I could now face a bank charge of whatever my amount they decide. That is my biggest fear anyway. The most annoying thing is that I had factored in that 46 pound that I paid for the two tickets for that month and I really cant afford it next month having to pay off 400 pound for my trip to South Africa and a festival at the end of the month.

I will give them a call back tomorrow but I can not believe that City will ever use them again.

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