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Evening ladies and Gents,

Having been living in Bristol for many years I've moved up to Edinburgh just two weeks ago (as my wife is Edeinburgh born and bred and at the time we were expecting our first child who decided to come out on Monday some 4 weeks early!!), hence there could be some strabge times to post!!!

Anyway, I've still kept my season ticket whci I've had for some twenty years plus but want to know if there any fellow City boys up here.....would be great to make one of the many pubs and bars a regular meeting place so we can watch City on Sky.....Like the Derby game (I don't think I'll be down for that one).

May watch a bit of footy up here, but not Hearts or Hibs......maybe Dunfermline who are just a short train trip away....who knows.

One thing is for sure, it's been a hectic few weeks!!!

Up the City.

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