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6th And 7th Subs Bench


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First season of having 7 named subs and I would ask you to pick your 6th and 7th Sub

Team: Basso, Orr, McAllister, McCombe, Carey, McIndoe, Carle, Elliott, Noble, Trundle and Adebola.

Subs named: Fontaine Johnson Weale Brooker and Sproule

Which other two players would you have on the bench and why?

New Striker A, New Striker B, Brian Wilson, Skuse, Keogh, Riberio, Plumber, Murray, Betsy, JMW, James Wilson, Jordan Walker and Artus,

I would have Keogh/ B Wilson to cover right back and right midfield

I would also have JMW or another striker to cover left midfield and for their pace in attack.

I would imagine given our squad, a number of the players will have to go out on loan - but perhaps it will be the younger ones who will go out on loan as the more experienced will be put on the bench as cover (take Russell last year as an example - a luxury to have him on the bench if we allowed to name 5 subs but with 7 he could justify sitting on the bench until Carle was signed in January)

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Its only in the cup competitons that we can use 7 subs this year. The rules haven't changed in the football league its still only 5 subs during the league season.

"Teams involved in the Premier League, Carling Cup and FA Cup competitions will be able to select seven rather than five substitutes as of this season - but they will only be allowed to use three of them.

The Football League has not introduced the new rules and retained the usual five substitutes format. "

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