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Large Bar Area Underneath Dolman Stand


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It is imperative that we supporters have a meeting place inside the ground for a drink or we will be taking this business outside and making a late rush to the gates?

We had No 1 charge two years ago then a rise last season and the latest is that this is now under consideration for this season! Surely we cannot keep paying extra for giving our club the money for drinks as well.

This late delay is showing that some money making thought is under construction to restrict this to supporters that would pay more money?


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If we ever go back to the dark old days of CCL1 it will be the common folk who will still be there (week in, week out) and the prawn sandwich brigade will be a distant memory, another case of BCFC not caring about the rank and file, there hasn't been a 'free entry' bar at AG for years now and that is not about to chance anytime soon.

It all started with the old Kickers' Club in the Wiliams Stand which was 'free' to enter then because of some trouble one saturday BCFC decided you had to have a membership card to enter, the next season they charged a fee and then eventually it became the first 'Prawn Sandwich' area at AG. Then there was the Boot Room (which is still there), that started out £100 per season and steadily rose each season.

I can remember going to Grimsby quite a few years ago and they had a massive bar under the 'Findus Stand' that was 'free to all', THOSE WERE THE DAYS.


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