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Evil Post Tomorrow

A Horse With No Name

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Well, Brighton are going through a phase like us at the moment so every chance of a result. Bad defeat for them at Lincoln yesterday...

Like i said in a previous thread, if we manage to overturn Brighton on Saturday then i will be pleased and confident of us turning it around, actually doing it and saying it is 2 different things though. Personally it dont look good for us. Yeh we beat a team that could play my dads pub side 5-2, not exactly OH MY GOD, SEE THE BRISTOL RESULT! is it? I Hope Wilson isnt that stupid enough to put we have turned it around or i told you so or it will make me a bit mad as its like, 'stating the odvious' that we would beat them.

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I can see the headline now. "Danny Says I Told You So".

After our last home bore draw, he came out and said that somebody was going to get a good hiding very soon. A very brave prediction seeing as we were playing a bunch of part timers in the next game. Let's see if we can despatch Brighton in the same way.

Can't resist having a dig, can we?

No matter what the man says or does - even when we win - there are certain people who are going to decide that he doesn't know his backside from his elbow.



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Guest Bristol_Babe

We may have beaten a few part-timer teams but the thing is, most of them gave as good as they got. (Mansfield, BPA etc.) Can anyone remember that little team we had to have a replay with last year or the year before in one of the cup matches?

If I remember rightly, we beat them 2-0 in the replay but gave us a 1-1 draw in the first game.

Scott Murray saved us there... bow down...

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