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The Ashtonyate Phenomenon...

Mr Mosquito

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ashtonyate - my opinion: from a business perspective it's of strategic value to hear what's wrong with a business rather than what's going well. OK, you'll upset many by pointing out the negatives but it has to be done for a business to rectify the failings and to progress.

In my opinion ashtonyate was right about the academy with regard to too much of BCFC's resources being poured into it at the expense of strengthening the first team - ref: his posts of 2 years ago. I'd also write that we didn't get promotion last season due to lack of strength in depth within our squad and not just due to a lack of perceived fire power up front with our existing strikers as ashtonyate suggested.

Whatever your views on ashtonyate he's one of this forum's best and most controversial posters with regard to sparking controversial BCFC debate. It would be nice to hear from him with regard to who he would - within reason - sign in the close season. :dancing6:

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I know it's posted with good intentions RG, but it's opening a can of worms and it's not fair on a fellow fan to have to put up with what is sure to follow.

Sorry to be a killjoy, but I'm closing it before all hell breaks loose.

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