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July 12th


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Is 12th July D-Day for our signing or are we resigned to "what will be will be"?

Seems to me we've run dry and run ourselves into the ground with a million postings and are now prepared to wait and trust in GJ

(Wish I had the time to pop over there and help him with his bags or do anything else useful to help)

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It's a national holiday in Northern Ireland, thanks to good king Billy!!!!!!!

I prefer the evening of the 11th though, lots of huge bonfires!!!!!


Chav heaven by the looks of it!!

D day was 6th june!!!

I love the run up to the 11th Night bonfires.......I can get rid of any crap taking up valuable space in my back garden. :innocent06:

The guy on the left is asking his if he has a light :tumbleweed:

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