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Louis Carey ... Top Goalscorer


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GJ has often remarked that goals should come from all departments of the team.

If you look at our squad's 'City Career' appearances record the acute goalscoring problem we have looks even more pronounced.

Nothwithstanding addtions then looking at our likely starting 11 on August 9th sees Carey as the top scorer with 12 goals in 490 games [ this assumes that Brooker is still crocked, 36 in 94, and the club Jester, Scotty 91 in 345, is just that, maybe with a cameo appearance from the bench]. Next in line is Bradley Orr with 10 in 148 then McCombe 9 in 72. It makes grim reading doesn't it?

Midfield, Elliott has a respectable 6 in 48. What about LJ, 6 IN 93 hardly prolific is it? If Carle had scored 1 goal it would have been the same 1 in 15 ratio that LJ has. Can someone explain GJ's comment in the EP that Carle left because of his position in "the hierarchy of the team".

It is a pity that our strike force is still to arrive, at best they'll have 3 friendlies to gel!

I hope talk of Maynard is not hot air. I have a friend with a member of his family on the Crewe staff and the comment on Maynard was that he is "..a top bloke, head screwed on the right way with good attitude".

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