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Forest Green Photos..finally!

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Thanks for posting the photos NTTDS.

We were there as well, but its nice to see your piccies, when we aren't at away games especially.

I wouldnt let people get you down moaning about the quality of the pictures, I guess they could always take a photography course and post some of their own next time...!!

Keep up the good work...!

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They had Police in attendance??? If had had not seen it (via your photos) I wouldn't have believed it. :no:

Yup, 3 or 4 of them for some odd reason. FGR fans and City were all mixed in together, and the same as all the other years ive been it was all very good natured. They even gave us a polite clap when the commentator was talking about our trip to Wembley.

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Guest MaloneFM
Hang on, so we even had a chat yesterday, and you still managed not to get any pics of me!


We have all seen pictures of you. On certain specialist websites generally.

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Message should now be in the private box

Thanks to one and all for the kind comments on the open forum (and the private ones as well)

Moaning is easy,doing some thing is the difficult part,so maybe the very small

band of forum members should

get of their rear ends and do something about what they are unhappy about

I think a lot of the ex-pats enjoy the photos to give them a feel of the

match day atmosphere from a fans persective

special thanks to Mike, my co-pilot and naviagator on our trip to forest green

Okay,my next port of call will be BLACKPOOL,and yes it will include

RAILWAY STATIONS, north and south

It might include Blackpool airport

it will also include nice pictures of the local police force

and of course pictures of the ground and field of play

As we are planning to stay in Blackpool for the weekend

I'll try and find an internet cafe and get the photos on the forum for

saturday evening

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