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Always Believe Dvd, Wembley And Mcindoe


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I recently bought the Always Believe DVD and think it's a really professional product and with DaveL at the helm, looks as good as any other club could produce.

Having watched all the home games last year and a few away, my one real thought arising from having watched the DVD is:

Isn't McIndoe really, really important to us? He scored a number of vital goals, including that cracker against Palace in the playoffs, but also the goal that really set up our season, the first at Cov and that bullet header from the Sproule cross at home against Sheff Utd. I also think he was instrumental in our play last year. What's great is that it appears he isn't leaving this summer (famous last words :innocent06: ), as his club-hopping reputation would suggest otherwise.

Judging from comments on here and elsewhere I think he's taken for granted by our fans.

On another topic, I watched the whole of disc 1 which was the season review but not disc 2. This is because it's the Wembley "bonus" disc. Who else is not interested in watching City get beaten in a vital game? I've watched the highlights which I consider enough. The full 90 minutes of a crucial game in which we were beaten and didn't score a goal just doesn't interest me! :innocent06:

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And you're right, scotty cam is one of the best bits...

And the worst part is the bloke on the "fan cam" bits saying "up the football HERE WE GO!!!"


How Embarassing!!!!

Tell me about it.... day tripper? he must have said about ten times!

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